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Press Release: Introducing the Alexandra Hallock Capacity Building Grant for Small Nonprofits

Introducing the Alexandra Hallock Capacity Building Grant: $20K & support for small nonprofits championing human rights, women’s empowerment, and LGBTQ+ causes.
byThe CSP TeamonJune 10, 2024

June 10, 2024

Introducing the Alexandra Hallock Capacity Building Grant for Small Nonprofits

New York, NYCause Strategy Partners is excited to announce a new funding and support opportunity for nonprofits - the Alexandra Hallock Capacity Building Grant for Small Nonprofits. A beacon of support for small nonprofits with budgets under $400,000, this grant is dedicated to supporting organizations whose purpose is to champion human rights, girls' and women's empowerment, and LGBTQ+ causes.

This grant honors the extraordinary life and legacy of Alexandra Hallock (known to many as “Allie”), a tireless advocate for nonprofit organizations in the United States and charities in the United Kingdom. Much of Allie’s life’s work centered on helping nonprofits build the infrastructure and governance capacity required to actualize their potential in order to achieve their social justice missions. Before her untimely, devastating passing at the age of 37 from NUT carcinoma cancer, Allie touched countless lives, strengthened thousands of organizations, and inspired social impact leaders across the US and UK. Allie supported hundreds of nonprofits at Taproot Foundation before becoming the first full-time employee and eventually the Chief Operating Officer of Cause Strategy Partners.

This annual grant, which will roll out in early 2025, is designed to offer more than just financial support. It is a gateway to growth and sustainability for modest-sized, growth-ready nonprofits and charities with promising solutions. Two (2) grant-recipient organizations will be announced in the inaugural year.

In addition to a $20,000 unrestricted cash grant from Cause Strategy Partners and Tradeweb, each grantee organization will receive:

  • A limited-scope consulting engagement delivered by Cause Strategy Partners, providing valuable assistance in building the organization’s governance infrastructure (valued at $10,000);

  • Permanent membership in the BoardLead network for ongoing board placement, training and support services;

  • Unlimited access for all board members to BoardLearn, Cause Strategy Partners’ learning portal for nonprofit board members that includes a New Board Member Good Governance Boot Camp course;

  • Connection to a Nonprofit Success Coach to support finding pro bono projects at Taproot; and

  • Prominent publicity associated with the grant award announcement.

By investing in grassroots organizations, the Alexandra Hallock Capacity Building Grant for Small Nonprofits aims to amplify their impact, strengthen their capacity, and empower them to effect meaningful change on behalf of the communities they serve, long into the future. Together, we honor Allie’s vision and commitment to a world where every voice is heard, every life is valued, and every human right is upheld.

Interested individuals, nonprofit organizations, and corporate partners can learn more about the this new grant opportunity by visiting Cause Strategy Partners’ website or by contacting

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