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Cause Strategy Partners connects talented professionals to nonprofit board service opportunities and trains them for high impact from day one.

Cause Strategy Partners' flagship programs, BoardLead and BoardLearn, elevate and transform leadership in the social good sector by partnering with top companies, professional services firms and foundations to recruit, place, train and support their professionals for board positions with organizations making a difference..


Our award-winning national nonprofit board placement, training, and support program

BoardLearn & Governance Training

From our virtual training suite to live workshops, we provide governance training covering a wide range of topics and levels

Concierge Board Placement

Individualized nonprofit board placement and support for senior executives

Corporate Social Responsibility & HR/Talent Consulting

Strategic consulting to maximize your business and community impact

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We work with some of the world's leading corporations, professional service firms, and foundations.

Recognized as a Top Impact Company

Cause Strategy Partners selected as top 200 global company by Real Leaders to receive impact award

Learning Opportunities:

Building a Board that Reflects the Communities We Serve

Cause Strategy Partners board placement specialists discuss the challenges and barriers nonprofit organizations face when recruiting diverse board members and offer steps toward solutions that mitigate harm and tokenization.
DEI as a Fiduciary Responsibility
Board Service

DEI as a Fiduciary Responsibility

If your board is not actively engaged in the critical and very often challenging work of championing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at your organization, you’re falling short of your fiduciary oversight role.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Boardroom

Together, we go far. Explore our latest toolkit for identifying and assessing your board's gaps, while developing an equitable recruitment strategy for increased diversity that will strengthen your board.

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