We partner talented professionals with nonprofit organizations for high-impact board service.

Through BoardLead, Cause Strategy Partners helps nonprofit organizations transform and strengthen their board leadership. We partner with corporations, professional services firms, and foundations to recruit, place, train, and support their professionals for high-impact nonprofit board service.

Nonprofit board service is one of the best ways a professional can make a meaningful impact for a cause they care deeply about. By leveraging their intellect, experience, networks, and resources, board leaders are effective at governing and guiding nonprofit organizations making an impact.

Our BoardLead program is an on-ramp for professionals to serve on the boards of nonprofits that resonate with their personal passions. It offers talented professionals the opportunity to do good and benefit their communities, build their professional network, test their leadership skills in new ways, and strengthen their future career path.

BoardLead is a win for everyone.

Nonprofits seek passionate, diverse, talented and trained board members employed by prestigious companies, professional services firms and foundations.

Corporate and foundation partners want to offer employees high-quality leadership development opportunities, engage them in meaningful community service, and help them expand their professional networks.

The professionals we place want to “do good” for their cause, utilize their skills to add tangible value, build their professional networks, and develop their leadership prowess.

BoardLead sets high expectations for nonprofit partners and board candidates.

We ensure an airtight fit.

BoardLead makes connections based on a strong alignment with mission passion and board expectations. We place professionals on boards that resonate with their personal interests and are also aligned with their readiness to meet board requirements.

We train for a strong start.

BoardLead doubles down on good governance training so that new nonprofit board members are equipped to be meaningful contributors at the outset of their term.

We provide ongoing support and leadership development.

In addition to receiving robust training at the outset of their tenure, CSP offers ongoing access to one-on-one coaching and support for all BoardLeaders.

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Beyond Differences + Credit Suisse

Kerri Catalano

Vice President, Americas Lead Experienced Recruitment, Credit Suisse Vice Chair, Beyond Differences

San Francisco 2018 BoardLeader

New York City BoardLeader Kerri Catalano from Credit Suisse joined Beyond Differences’ board because she resonated personally with their mission. Kerri personally witnessed the damage bullying can have on middle schoolers in her twin brother growing up. As she applied to BoardLead and reflected on her lived experiences that deeply matter to her, she felt inspired to change that for children today. Since joining the board of Beyond Differences, she says that, “[T]he most meaningful thing to me is when I visit our schools and programs, because I can see firsthand the impact that we have on children across the country.”

Executive Director, Laura Talmus, remarks on Kerri’s addition that, “She came in like a spark plug and made other people take notice. She’s vice chair of the board already and is relentless in pursuing fundraising grants from big institutions and unafraid of cold-calling and asking other people.

PowerPlay + Google

Katarzyna Bednarowicz

Account Executive, Google Board Member, PowerPlay

New York City 2016 BoardLeader

Kasia is an Account Executive at Google and BoardLeader at PowerPlay, which is a New York City nonprofit dedicated to inspiring and educating girls through sports and academic enrichment programs. While great board members can make an impact in many different ways, Kasia specifically sees her value as a “connector” with her company and is excited about jumpstarting a new volunteer effort that turns Google colleagues into PowerPlay mentors.

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