Nonprofit Governance Training & Thought Leadership

Corporations, professional service firms, nonprofit organizations, and foundations use Cause Strategy Partners’ training services to strengthen their employees knowledge and skills for high impact board service. Our team of governance trainers are available to present on a wide range of topics that focus on governance, board and chief executive leadership, board effectiveness, the nonprofit sector, and other related topics. Presentations can be customized to any range of governance and leadership related topics.

Our Principal & Founder, Rob Acton, has 25 years of experience founding, leading, consulting with and scaling social good organizations across the country. Cause Strategy Partners also maintains a team of governance experts who travel across the country to meet the training needs of nonprofit boards and corporate social responsibility teams.

Cause Strategy Partners has provided training and guidance on a variety of governance and leadership topics, including:

General Governance Training

  • An Introduction to Nonprofit Board Service: Starting Strong
  • The 11 Roles and Responsibilities of Nonprofit Board Service: Driving Impact
  • The Board’s Role in Financial Oversight
  • The Board’s Legal and Ethical Duties
  • Demystifying the Board’s Role in Fundraising and Ambassadorship
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in the Nonprofit Board Room: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?
  • The Markers of Exceptional Board Service: Becoming a Board Superstar

Deeper-Dive Governance Training Topics for Experienced Boards

  • Management versus Board Responsibilities: Navigating the Gray Area
  • 9 Challenging Moments Every Board Will Eventually Face
  • Championing Diversity, Inclusion and Equity as a Nonprofit Board Member
  • Key Trends Influencing the Social Good Sector
  • Creative Resource Development: Tapping into Pro Bono and Revenue Generating Models

Leadership and the Social Good Sector

  • Be the Leader Your Team Needs You to Be: The Five Leadership Essentials
  • Challenges of Nonprofit Leadership… and How to Overcome Them

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Boardroom

  • The Value of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the Board and How it Generates Opportunities
  • The Party’s All Here: Inclusive Frameworks for Diverse Board Recruitment and Onboarding

Structuring Board Service for Impact

  • 6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Boost Your Board’s Performance
  • 4 Symptoms of an Unhealthy Board and 4 Practices of a Healthy Board
  • Build a Better Board Meeting
  • Get the Right People on the Bus: Developing a Best-in-Class Board Development Process

Crisis Management and Board Leadership

  • Board Leadership during the Present Crisis: 12 Strategies for Immediate Action
  • Crisis Leadership and Strategic Planning: Strengthen Your Organization’s Future Today
"The workshop Cause Strategy Partners led for our North America Executive Directors and Board Chairs was probably the best received presentation we have ever put before them. Our leaders were still energized and discussing it today as we finished our third and final day of the leadership retreat. I cannot say enough how very grateful we are for your thoughtful presentation and your openness."
Lori Maloney
SVP, Covenant House International
“I am always struck by Rob’s understanding of the social sector, his creativity in posing solutions, and his adeptness in understanding people’s differences and how to address their needs, concerns and aspirations. Rob understands that diversity is who we are, but more importantly, he is keenly aware that inclusion – how we work together – is paramount to solving the social challenges at hand. Rob inspires people to contribute.”
Jorge Quezada
Chief Diversity Officer, Kraft Foods Group

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