Our Mission: To inspire the world’s professionals to serve their cause.

Our Vision: We envision a world where every business and community leader gives the very best of themselves to strengthen high-impact social good organizations that empower the communities we serve.

We accomplish this through our two flagship programs:

BoardLead elevates and transforms leadership in the social good sector by partnering with top companies and professional service firms to recruit, place, train and support talented professionals for high-impact nonprofit board service.

BoardLearn, our virtual governance training suite, fast forwards the impact of every new board member. This platform provides the information, skills, and confidence new board members need so that they are entering the board room passionate and prepared.   

Our Founding Story

“So what kind of work do you do?”

Cause Strategy Partners Founder Rob Acton made a New Year’s Resolution in 2012 that after answering this all-too-familiar greeting, he would respond with a different question: “What causes do you support?” 

More often than not, talented and caring professionals found the question difficult to answer.

Despite exceptional skills, raw talent, unrelenting drive, and vast networks, few of these business leaders were leveraging their considerable resources to create stronger social good organizations and, in turn, more vibrant communities – even in the very places they lived.

Out of this experience, Cause Strategy Partners was born. Our passion is helping business professionals identify causes that resonate with their values and interests, ensuring that they bring the very best of themselves to the organizations they support.

Our Values

Nothing comes before people. We invest heavily in the people with whom we are privileged to partner.

We find purpose in our work and are passionate about the causes we support.

We don’t compromise on integrity.  We believe in the power of authenticity. 

Our commitment to diverse, inclusive, and equitable leadership shapes every aspect of our work.

We look for opportunities to design, innovate and take risks.

We never take shortcuts. We infuse quality into every action, every day.

Cause Strategy Partners' Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Institutions are strongest when they fully integrate and engage the breadth of diversity that exists in our communities. We believe diversity, equity and inclusion are inseparable from effective governance and leadership. Inclusive practices ensure that we go beyond platitudes and tokenism by giving voice, influence, and power to all who wish to productively engage in service of our mission.

Out of a shared commitment to practice what we preach, we invest our time, talent and treasure in learning about and from our communities, challenging our assumptions and inviting new insights as we champion authentic leadership.

Our Dedication to Social Benefit