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Board Candidates

Partner with your company to find a values-aligned and rewarding nonprofit board on which to serve. Prepare to be an effective board member from day one. Get ongoing assistance and resources throughout your board service.


Board Membership Benefits

Serving on a board takes you beyond service to the community and the cause you care about.

Board service helps professionals:

  • Grow the leadership skills that help them advance personally and professionally

  • Hone the skills they bring to the table to make them more effective leaders

  • Expand their networks via other board members and passionate leaders they meet


A Curated Experience

Through our BoardLead online platform and hand-curated matching process, you can connect with nonprofits close to your heart. Our team guides you through the application experience and teaches you the skills you need to succeed as a board member.


How It Works

Employers work with us to create a culture of board service and partner with our board placement program by inviting prospective candidates to take part. People interested in board service gain access to our BoardLead online platform to create a profile and explore our network of nonprofits seeking board members. Our hand-curated matching process connects you to the nonprofit that aligns most strongly with your values and passions.

You will have several carefully vetted nonprofits to choose from, be able to review their profiles, have opportunities to ask follow-up questions and learn about the selection process.

BoardLead is offered exclusively to candidates who have been sponsored by their corporations. Contact us to learn how to connect your company to us and learn more.


Ongoing Training

Throughout the BoardLead experience, we provide best-in-class training that helps you feel confident when you interview with the nonprofit of your choice, understand nonprofit governance, and to give you the know-how to be an effective contributor when you sit down for your first board meeting.

Throughout your board member journey, we offer additional learning opportunities that help you improve your governance skills. In fact, 45% of candidates elected to boards ascend to leadership positions within the first year.


Candidate Services

Develop the skills and knowledge you need to understand the nonprofit space and what a board member can do to contribute to the nonprofit that elects them to their board.

Governance Training

Understand the role of the organization’s executives and staff and how you can bring leadership excellence and effectiveness to the boardroom. Learn how nonprofit boards are structured, administered, regulated, and held accountable.

Leadership Training

Be the leader that your nonprofit needs. Learn boardroom leadership essentials and how to overcome challenges in a way that transforms your leadership skills and your organization.

DEI Training

Get up to speed on the value of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the board you serve on and how DEI generates opportunities.

Board Impact Training

Gain the skills to boost your board’s performance, develop and sustain a healthy board, and run more effective meetings.

Board Service Fellowship

Professionals of color can gain access to BoardLead's matching and training independently through our Nonprofit Board Service Fellowship program.

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An Account Executive at Google jumpstarts new initiatives with a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring and educating girls through sports and academic programs.

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