Lisa Wittig, Program Specialist, Concierge and Custom Engagements

Lisa Witting, BoardLead Program Specialist, Headshot

Lisa Wittig works as a Program Specialist at Cause Strategy Partners, supporting Concierge Board Placement services and custom engagements for corporate partners. Through her work she identifies strategic board opportunities that connect talented professionals from top companies and professional services firms to nonprofit boards that resonate with their personal values and interests.

Lisa began her professional career in Chicago where she completed two years of volunteer service, working with nonprofits in the Latino immigrant neighborhoods of Little Village and Cicero. Through her service she began to learn more about the immigrant experience of leaving one’s country and the thrills and complications of having to adapt to life in a new place with different rules and norms. After fifteen years of working in various roles with nonprofits in Chicago, she and her family moved abroad to experience an immersion experience of their own in the mountains of Costa Rica.

Lisa now lives in Minnesota wit her husband and three children. She brings a breadth of nonprofit knowledge to her current role, including an understanding of the importance of an effective Board of Directors and the role it plays in supporting a nonprofit.