Our Team

Headshot of Rob Acton

Robert Acton
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Primary Cause: Nonprofit Capacity Building
Proudly Serving on the Boards of:
Broadway Inspirational Voices
Nonprofit New York

Headshot of Alexandra Hallock

Alexandra Hallock
Chief Operating Officer

Primary Cause: Human Rights
Proudly Serving on the Board of:
Hammersmith & Fulham Volunteer Centre

Headshot of Whitley Richards

Whitley Richards
Chief Program Officer

Primary Cause: Ending Intimate Partner Violence
Proudly Serving on the Board of:
Day One

Headshot of Erin Pierson

Erin Pierson
Director, Strategic Growth

Primary Cause: Community Arts and Culture
Proudly Serving on the Board of:
Art House Productions

Headshot of Erin Connell

Erin M. Connell
Director, BoardLead (US)

Primary Causes: Human rights and Homelessness
Proudly Serving on the Board of:
North Shore Soup Kitchen

Headshot of Conor Doyle

Conor Doyle
Senior Software Developer

Primary Cause: Youth Sports and Fitness

Temitope Olotin Headshot

Temitope Olotin

Primary Causes: Poverty & Hunger

Nate Hinchey
Program Manager, BoardLead

Primary Causes: Economic and educational equity, campaign finance reform

Headshot of Annie Baierl

Annie Baierl
Marketing and Communications Lead 

Primary Causes: Labor Equity & Economic Justice

Headshot of Gaby Bianchi

Gaby Bianchi
Program Manager, BoardLead

Primary Causes: Empowering Youth & Education Access
Proudly Serving on the Young Professionals Board of:
Fiver Children’s Foundation

Headshot of Nick Boyle

Nick Boyle
Program Manager, BoardLead

Primary Causes: Environmental Conservation & Wilderness Protection
Proudly Serving a Board Committee of:
The NY-NJ Trail Conference

Erika Ana Flores
Senior Program Associate, Concierge and Custom Engagements

Primary Causes: Education Equity and Social Justice

Proudly Serving on the New York State Committee for the Latina Mentoring Initiative

Ashley Bratrud
Program Associate

Primary Causes: Education and Health Equity

Headshot of Gabriela Brown

Gabriela Mira Brown
Program Associate

Primary Causes: Mental Health and Wellness

Justin Nance
Program Associate

Primary Cause: Promoting economic development in marginalized communities

Julia Riley
Program Associate

Primary Cause: Education Equity and Animal Rights

Headshot of Lucie Rosenthal

Lucie Rosenthal
Program Associate

Primary Cause: Criminal Justice Reform

Headshot of Jono Warren

Jono Warren
Learning Experience Coordinator

Primary Causes: Restoring dignity to the homeless

Lisa Witting, BoardLead Program Specialist, Headshot

Lisa Wittig

Program Specialist, Concierge and Custom Engagements

Primary Cause: Welcoming and Empowering Immigrants and Refugees

Caterina Cedolini

Graduate Fellow

Primary Cause: Social Mobility

Headshot of Lori Lam

Lori Lam

Graduate Fellow

Primary Cause: Women’s Empowerment and Equity Inclusion

Headshot of Brad Wedzi

Brad Wedzi

Fellow, University of Georgia

Primary Cause: Supporting Marginalized Communities

Headshot of Brenda Asare

Brenda Asare
Governance Trainer and Consultant

Primary Cause: Partnering with the social impact sector to change the world through equity-centered philanthropy.

Headshot of Brian Saber

Brian Saber
Governance Trainer and Consultant

Primary Cause: Teaching everyone how to be comfortable and effective asking for gifts

Jamie Gardner Headshot

Jamie Gardner
Governance Trainer and Consultant

Primary Cause: Cross Sector Leadership

Laura Zumdahl Headshot

Laura Zumdahl
BoardLead Trainer, Midwest

Primary Cause: Supporting New Mothers

Gary Bagley
Governance Trainer and Board Coach


Headshot of Parrish McLaughnlin

Parrish McLaughlin
Executive Assistant

Primary Cause: Pancreatic Cancer Research

Graduate Intern Alumni

We have been privileged to work with outstanding professionals who have each left their mark on Cause Strategy Partners and we are thankful for them.

Anakaren Cervantes, MSc Candidate, University of Oxford

Anika Wright, MBA Candidate, University of Rochester Simon Business School

Genesis Nunez, MPA Candidate, NYU Wagner

Queenie Tam, MPA Candidate, NYU Wagner

Emma Kyono, Consultant, Gartner

Kat Malek-Hood, EPF Climate Fellow at New York Road Runners

Alex Black, MPA, Associate Intern 2019

Chaoyi Xiong, Equity Analyst, Healthcare Sector, Shenwan Hongyuan Securities

Connie Meltzer, MBA Candidate, NYU Stern; Student Consultant, Center for Public Research and Leadership

Jessica Riegel, MPA, Co-Founder, Motivote



Joyce Chiao, Strategy Associate, Office of the Executive VP, New York City Transit

Kristen Forster, MBA, HR and Operations, NFL

Megan E Jackson, Digital Strategist, Center for Popular Democracy

Meryl Friedman, MPA, Senior Program Manager, OneJustice

Nasiba Chowdhury, Student, Columbia University

Royce Nitta, MPA, Provider Success Manager, Covera Health

Runmeng Wang, Analyst, Yunfeng Financial Group

Sheba Rivera, Senior Associate, Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc.

Yunong Zheng, MPA, NYU Wagner

Patrick Koslecki, MPA Candidate, Colin Powell School for Civic and Social Leadership

Chiweta Rozaline Uzoka, MPA, NYU Wagner