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Celebrating Nine Years of Impact and Collaboration through BoardLead

A Letter from our Founder

Dear Supporters, Partners, and Friends,

As we reach the ninth year of Cause Strategy Partners, I’m so thankful that you’ve joined us on this incredible journey. Over these years, our flagship nonprofit board matching and training program, BoardLead, has not only connected thousands of professionals to their cause through board service, but has reimagined the traditional model of board recruitment itself by placing power in the hands of nonprofits.

At the heart of our achievements lie the strong partnerships we have cultivated with nonprofits, BoardLeaders, foundations, and corporations who share our vision of elevating governance practices and empowering professionals to connect deeply with causes they are passionate about. It is through these collaborative endeavors that we have been able to catalyze meaningful change, driving forward initiatives that make a tangible difference in the world.

This impact report - our first! - paints a picture of the power of BoardLead. By connecting a diverse network of talented corporate leaders to nonprofit boards and training them for high impact, we see not only employees finding purpose through board service, but developing skills, leadership capacity, and experiences that they carry forward to their roles at some of the world’s leading corporations. These talented individuals bring their whole selves to their roles as board members, and in doing so, are truly raising the bar when it comes to effective board service.

Thank you for standing by our side. Together, we have achieved so much, and I am excited to see what we will accomplish in the years to come.

With gratitude,

Rob Acton

Founder & CEO
Cause Strategy Partners


Since our founding in 2015, we're proud to have supported thousands of candidates, nonprofit leaders, and corporate partners through board service.


BoardLeaders Elected

We were founded to help nonprofits overcome challenges to finding candidates who are ready to serve and be effective immediately. Our BoardLead program helps nonprofits develop and grow their board with talent they might not otherwise find. And we’re just getting started.


Nonprofits in the BoardLead Network

Nonprofit organizations join the BoardLead Network to not only expand their access to talented candidates, but also training, resources, networking opportunities, and fireside chats.


Corporate Partners

Our corporate partnerships connect us to a diverse network of thousands of professionals seeking opportunities to serve their cause through board service.


Professionals trained for high impact nonprofit board service

Training is critical for board members; through BoardLearn and our live learning experiences, we upskill thousands of professionals each year in nonprofit governance.

BoardLeaders Across the United States

To date, our 2,600+ BoardLeaders live and serve in over 30 states - a network that continues to expand across the country and globe.


Identity & Inclusion

Thanks to our corporate partnerships and the Board Service Fellowship, BoardLead is increasing ethnic, gender, and age diversity for nonprofit boards.


Identify as Black, Latinx, or Indigenous

Compared to the national average of 16%


Identify as Professionals of Color as of Fall 2023

Compared to the national average of 22%


are aged 30 to 45

Compared to the national average of 21%


Identify as Women or Gender-Nonconforming

Compared to the national average of 54%

Explore this data around board diversity and more through BoardSource's report, "Leading with Intent":

Skills-Based Service

BoardLeaders bring a variety of skills to their roles as board members, and in turn, often learn and hone new skills to bring back to their corporate roles.


Frequently contributed their professional skills through board service

As reported by nonprofit leaders, BoardLeaders are consistently bringing their core skills to the board room to add value and advance the mission.


Experienced Professional Growth Through Board Service

The vast majority of BoardLeaders report that they grew their skills, knowledge, and perspective once serving on a nonprofit board.


Increased their leadership skills once elected to a nonprofit board

BoardLead is a driver for leadership development. Three quarters of BoardLeaders shared that they advanced their own leadership skills through service.


Use their professional skills in a new environment through board service

Serving on a board is a phenomenal experiential leadership opportunity, giving professionals an opportunity to test their skills in new ways.

Top 5 Functional Areas for BoardLeaders

BoardLead is designed to connect leaders to opportunities to serve their cause, but also close critical skills gaps on nonprofit boards through our hand-curated matching process. Here are the top five most common skills that our candidates bring to their roles:

Due to our partnerships with many of the world's largest financial firms, 45% of BoardLeaders bring finance skills to their new roles as board members.

25% of BoardLeaders are skilled technologists, offering guidance on technology strategy and best practices through their role on the board.

It may come as no surprise that the top leadership role that BoardLeaders are elected to is Treasurer. 25% of BoardLeaders hold a background in accounting and/or auditing.

23% of our candidates share a background in business development - an important skill for fundraising and partnership development.

One of the biggest skills gaps that nonprofits share for board recruitment is marketing and social media. Thankfully, 14% of BoardLeaders have experience in this area.

Board Engagement

BoardLead sets high expectations for full board engagement from day one through the BoardLeader Way. After two years of board service, nonprofit leaders report that their BoardLeaders:

Leaning In

94% are appropriately or fully engaged on their boards

Raising Expectations

90% positively influenced the performance of other board members

Advancing Leadership

52% have been elected to a leadership position on the board

Building Community

86% have met like-minded individuals through board service

Forming Partnerships

72% find opportunities to collaborate with community leaders


70% have grown their network by serving on a board

Driving Resources

BoardLeaders embrace their roles as fundraisers and ambassadors. Once elected, they commit to giving and make a huge impact on the nonprofit sector.


Individual Average Amount Given Per Year

BoardLeaders commit to giving as part of their service. Many are encouraged to make a "personally meaningful contribution" and typically surpass the standard recommended individual donation for their organizations.


Individual Average Amount Fundraised Per Year

Likewise, these board members are encouraged to fundraise and often lean into their roles as new fundraisers in the first year of service.


Estimated Total Donations Driven to Nonprofits by BoardLeaders Each Year

Through their collective efforts, our 2.6K+ BoardLeaders are driving over 24 million dollars in donations to the nonprofit sector.


Annual Hours of Nonprofit Board Service

Board service is a time-intensive volunteer opportunity, often requiring upwards of 6 hours per month for full engagement. Our BoardLeaders collectively volunteer more than a hundred thousand hours - or just over 14 years of total volunteer time - through their service each year.

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