Wanting and Finding the Opportunity to Serve through BoardLead

Katarzyna (Kasia) had been thinking of getting involved with a nonprofit for a while, but as a full-time professional, it was difficult to independently research available opportunities.  From the outside, it is not always clear whether organizations need expertise and guidance from experienced professionals. 


BoardLead bridges this gap by bringing corporate and nonprofit sectors together, highlighting the right board service opportunities for the right candidates. The application process is well-managed, which saves time and energy for both resource-constrained nonprofits and busy professionals. BoardLead's hand-curated matching process found Kasia a strong fit. PowerPlay NYC represents all I believe in: “ambitious goals, persistence, dedication, and passion for what you do, go a long way!”

Empowered by a Values-Aligned Strong Match

PowerPlay NYC's mission aligns with Kasia's personal values and belief that “ambitious goals, persistence, dedication and passion for what you do, go a long way!” They are an organization that empowers young females in New York City to grow physically and emotionally through sports and prepares them for their future careers. As a former athlete and a passionate runner and mountaineer, sports have always played an important role in Kasia's life. She believes that stretching herself outside of her comfort zone accelerates her growth and confidence. Sports coach girls to set goals, move past setbacks, and shape persistence to follow through. 

When you start serving on a board, you become so much more aware and smarter about the possibilities around you and how to seize them... I truly believe the more I lean into this opportunity, the more I can get out of it.

Katarzyna BednarowiczBoardLeader, PowerPlay

Leading New Initiatives in a New Role 

Kasia sees her value as a “connector” with her company and is excited about jumpstarting a new volunteer effort that turns Google colleagues into PowerPlay mentors.  Once elected, she launched new a mentorship program supporting high school girls in their final year before college, pairing them with Google professionals. They met monthly to exchange ideas, get career advice, and, quite simply, have some fun. Mentees become more strategic about their future and Googlers learn and improve their mentorship skills. It is a true win-win. The demand exceeded expectations with over 30 active mentors during its inaugural year. 

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