Cause Strategy Partners

Overview of Project Need

  • Project Management
  • Program Design

Cause Strategy Partners is a consulting social enterprise; our mission is to inspire the world’s professionals to serve their cause.  Our company envisions a world where every business and community leader gives the very best of themselves to strengthen high-impact social good organizations that empower the communities we serve. Through our award-winning signature program, BoardLead, we elevate and transform leadership in the social good sector by partnering with top companies, professional services firms and foundations to recruit, place, train and support professionals for high-impact nonprofit board service. To date, we have placed, trained and supported 1,700 professionals from F500 companies and global professional service firms on the governing boards of more than 900 nonprofit organizations in 25 U.S. cities and in London, England. Our team of governance experts also offer learning experiences focused on building skills for good governance and nonprofit leadership. 

Founded in 2015, we are a purpose-driven enterprise that believes in harnessing the power of business for social good. We are proud to be a Certified B-Corporation, part of a global community of more than 4,000 companies across 153 industries in 77 countries that meet rigorous standards of performance, accountability and transparency, committed to using the power of business to build strong local communities.

Our company has grown exponentially: we have enjoyed 40-50% revenue growth year-over-year since our founding. Our programs, services and impact have grown in tandem – the core driver of our work and why we do what we do.

BoardLead, our signature program, is the world’s premiere nonprofit board recruitment, placement, training, and support program run in partnership with Fortune 500 companies and global professional services firms seeking to identify leadership development, employee engagement, and community impact opportunities for their executives and employees. The program follows the below process:

Step 1: BoardLead conducts outreach to nonprofit organizations, invites them to apply to a board placement opportunity, and then vets them for participation.

Step 2: Corporate partners recruit potential board candidates for the program who first attend an information session on BoardLead and the responsibilities of nonprofit board service, and then submit an application on which they select their top choices among our pool of carefully vetted nonprofit partners.

Step 3: The BoardLead team matches candidates and nonprofits based on candidate passion, commitments, skills, and experience, and nonprofit needs.

Step 4: Candidates move through the vetting process with their nonprofits with support, problem solving, and regular check-ins from the BoardLead team. If there is mutual interest, the candidate is elected to the Board of Directors.

Step 5: Candidates receive foundational good governance training throughout the process but are brought together post-election for a special training series designed for recently elected board members.

While all BoardLead programs follow the process outlined above, there are variations by locations, partners, or customizations. As a result of these variations, BoardLead is often running multiple versions of the program simultaneously.

Through this request for proposals, we are seeking a consultant to support the alignment of our various BoardLead programs. The core goal of this engagement is to bring all BoardLead program versions together under one core program. The goals of this integration are:

  • Ensure Effective use of Resources. The program should be designed to utilize our innovative technology and our talented human resources efficiently and appropriately to ensure program success and scale, while simultaneously creating rewarding opportunities for team members to grow and leverage their skills.  
  • Maximize Impact. The results of this engagement should drive greater impact through the ability to meet each stakeholder’s individual needs and reduce barriers to participation in the program.
  • Increase Accessibility. This work will increase our brand awareness and our positioning in the sector, making our programs more accessible to a wider audience.

We seek proposals that address a project providing comprehensive coordination and support services from development through implementation of this program, including the following tasks:

  • Stage 1: Predesign (2 weeks)
      • Work with program and company leadership to develop a scope of work for the project, including steps in the process, team members involved, milestone deliverables, and a high-level timeline
      • Review notes from leadership about the impact of this initiative on a range of company and team factors and ensure these considerations are addressed in the developed scope
      • Identify key internal, and potentially external, stakeholders to be engaged in the design and build process
      • Design a feedback collection process for key stakeholders
  • Stage 2: Program Design and Build (2-3 months)
      • Lead and hold regular meetings with a task force (or other predetermined group of individuals identified in stage 1) on the topics of program process, team structure and management, technology implications, communications and marketing, stakeholder needs, change management, etc. to support the design of the new program
      • Offer council on program design and shifts in staffing structure, embedding changes within company culture and practices
      • Look for opportunities to integrate and advance programs and priorities outlined in Cause Strategy Partners’ strategic plan
      • In partnership with leadership, assign tasks to various staff to begin development of processes and tools to support the new program
      • Hold team members accountable to advancing their work on predetermined timelines and collect deliverables at key points in the development process 
      • Identify and work to remove barriers to progress in the development of the program
      • Provide regular updates to Cause Strategy Partners’ leadership team on developments
      • Facilitate communication and ensure alignment between teams at CSP on major programmatic decisions
  • Stage 3: Feedback and Testing (1 month)
      • Engage full Program team in reviewing and, as much as possible, testing the new program through a coordinated, formal testing period
      • Implement feedback collection process developed in Stage 1 to accept feedback from Cause Strategy Partners staff on new program design
      • Bring feedback to task force for consideration and revisions
      • Assign tasks to integrate feedback from team
      • In partnership with program leadership, develop final timeline for launch
      • In partnership with program leadership, present final program design and launch timeline to full Cause Strategy Partners team
  • Stage 4: Integration (1-2 months)
      • Support transition into new team structure by helping develop descriptions of (new) role functions
      • Hold and lead department-specific meetings on impact of new program on operations within that department to support adjustments to organizational change
      • At launch, be available to address questions or challenges that arise from all team members


  • Proposals accepted through July 1, 2022 and reviewed on a rolling basis
  • Interviews to begin in mid June, 2022
  • Decision to be made in late June/ early July 2022
  • Project to launch in early to mid July 2022
  • Reconstituted program to launch in early 2023

Engagement Details:

  • The engagement will last from July 2022-February 2023 with a likely pause in services provided in December 2022
  • All work can be accomplished virtually, though availability for 1-2 days of in-person planning in Washington, DC or the NYC metropolitan areas is a plus

Proposal Requirements:

  • Brief description of your organizational change philosophy, experience with program design and development, and acknowledgement of how your values guide your work for clients.
  • Description of your approach and process. 
  • Delineation of services you will provide and those responsibilities that would be held by the Cause Strategy Partners team.
  • Description of your availability to begin the project in accordance with the schedule (see above). Provide a proposed timeline for implementation and delivery.
  • Explanation of what you believe may distinguish you from other consultants and why you are the best choice for this assignment.

Proposal Deadline: July 1, 2022

Proposals must be submitted in a .pdf format to Whitley Richards at Please be in touch with Whitley with any questions.