Concierge Board Placement for Senior Executives

White glove placement services for senior executives at top companies seeking governing board opportunities at high-impact nonprofits


How It Works

We work one-on-one with senior executives at our partner companies and professional services firms to secure them a seat on the board of a nonprofit that resonates with their personal values, motivations, and interests.

We identify strategic board opportunities that will be highly fulfilling and also prove useful from a reputation-building and professional engagement perspective. Over the years, we have had the privilege of supporting a vast array of exceptional executives in their nonprofit board leadership journey.

We conduct listening and strategy sessions with our client to understand the interests of both the company and the client executive. Out of these conversations, we build a nonprofit outreach strategy that captures the board leadership interests of the executive. Both our partner company and the executive sign-off on this strategy before we proceed

Leveraging our deep roots in the nonprofit sector, we scour the client executive’s target region to identify strong and mission-aligned organizations for consideration. We pre-vet each organization, looking for compelling missions and programs, a compelling impact story, strong leadership, organizational stability, board structure, and board member gravitas — among other variables. We then present six to eight organizations and ask the executive to create a short-list of one or two priority nonprofits.

We reach out to each nonprofit on the short list to broker first meetings between the client executive and the nonprofit’s leadership. At the same time, we work to secure a comprehensive understanding of board member expectations, including time commitment, giving, and fundraising expectations. Our team provides hands-on support to the client through each phase of the meeting, vetting, nomination, and election process.

Once the client executive is elected to the Board of Directors, we provide governance training materials and remain on-call to serve as a resource at any time during their years of board service.

Case Study

Mohamed Kande

Vice Chair, US and Global Advisory Leader, Top Four Accounting Firm

In 2018, one of the top four accounting firms hired Cause Strategy Partners to identify a board service opportunity for Mohamed Kande, a senior executive at the corporation. While Mohamed is a passionate individual, he and the firm were looking for an opportunity that ensured that his time was well invested in a high-impact organization alongside like-minded business leaders of a similar gravitas. As part of our interview process, he shared that he was seeking a board that would speak to one of his many passions: women and girls empowerment, arts and culture, and global health.

While based in New York City, he was also interested in finding a board that worked on a national or international scope, with a bold, inclusive mission. Following our deep-dive diligence, the Cause Strategy Partners team introduced him to several opportunities, and Mohamed fell in love with CARE’s mission to “save lives, defeat poverty, achieve social justice, and fight for women and girls.” Over the course of six months, our team brokered an introduction between Mohamed and organization leadership. He was ultimately elected to the board in early 2019.


Rob understands that diversity is who we are, but more importantly, he is keenly aware that inclusion – how we work together – is paramount to solving the social challenges at hand. Rob inspires people to contribute.”

Jorge QuezadaChief Diversity Officer, Kraft Foods Group

I was SO impressed by my BoardLead experience—the team offered so much support and guidance as I approached my first ever Board position, which is something I had been dreaming about for awhile. The process was both rigorous and accessible—a perfect balance. The training and guidance provided is also extremely valuable for a first-time Board member. This placement was really life & career changing for me, and I couldn't be more grateful!

Laura HermanDesign Research & Strategy, Creative Cloud & Emerging Products, Adobe

When you start serving on a board, you become so much more aware and smarter about the possibilities around you and how to seize them... I truly believe the more I lean into this opportunity, the more I can get out of it.

Katarzyna BednarowiczBoardLeader, PowerPlay

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