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Press Release: Cause Strategy Partners Launches Nonprofit Board Matching for Young Professionals

An innovative program connecting rising talent with young professionals boards
byThe CSP TeamonNovember 30, 2023

Cause Strategy Partners Launches BoardLead Young Professionals - An Innovative Program Connecting Rising Talent with Young Professionals Boards

New York, NY — Cause Strategy Partners is excited to announce the launch of a groundbreaking initiative designed to bridge the gap between a generation of rising corporate leaders and the nonprofit sector. Building off of the success of BoardLead, their flagship governing board matching and training program, BoardLead Young Professionals will offer young professionals at Fortune 500 Companies and Professional Service Firms the opportunity to be matched to young professionals boards and other non-governing boards at nonprofit organizations. As these individuals are beginning their service, BoardLead Young Professionals will also provide the necessary training, guidance, and support for these candidates to make a meaningful impact on nonprofit boards and, eventually, serve their cause on governing boards.

In recent years, there has been a growing interest among young professionals to engage with nonprofit organizations, make a difference in their communities, and pursue a purpose-filled career. However, many face challenges in finding the right opportunities and gaining the knowledge and experience needed to identify the right organization and serve effectively. After surveying and speaking with scores of corporate partners, young professionals, and nonprofit organizations, Cause Strategy Partners recognized this need and developed BoardLead Young Professionals to provide a structured and supportive path for these individuals.

Cause Strategy Partners' Chief Program Officer, Erin M. Connell, commented on the program, stating, "We know that young professionals bring new perspectives, energy, and creativity to nonprofit boards. With this new offering, we aim to empower emerging leaders with the knowledge and direction they need to make a meaningful impact on a cause they care about. Our team envisions a future where these young professionals eventually step onto governing boards, further strengthening the leadership of the nonprofit sector."

The program will be launched in early 2024, offering a group of young professionals the chance to join young professionals boards at various nonprofit organizations.

Interested individuals, nonprofit organizations, and corporate partners can learn more about the BoardLead Young Professionals by visiting Cause Strategy Partners’ website or by contacting

About Cause Strategy Partners
Cause Strategy Partners works at the intersection of nonprofits and corporations in the US and UK to connect a diverse network of talented professionals to nonprofit board service opportunities via our BoardLead online platform and curated board matching and placement services.

Our Concierge Board Placement service connects senior executives at top companies with Board of Director opportunities at high-profile nonprofits.

Through BoardLearn, our nonprofit governance and best practices training platform, we provide self-paced and live training to help potential board candidates be effective board members from day one and provide ongoing resources to help them grow their governance and leadership skills over time.

We partner with the world’s leading corporations, professional services firms, and foundations to help them advance their CSR and leadership development goals, increase employee satisfaction, and create meaningful connections within their local communities.

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