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Our Checklist for Onboarding New Board Members

A comprehensive guide for nonprofit boards welcoming new members
byRob ActononOctober 5, 2022

Section 1: Become Familiar with the Organization

❏ Brief fact sheet on the organization

❏ Most recent Annual Report

❏ Brochure, Newsletters, and any other relevant communications materials ❏ Press clippings

❏ List of staff members or org chart

Section 2: Governance

❏ Board member job description or Board Roles and Responsibilities document ❏ Board roster with contact information

❏ Calendar of activities for Board members

❏ Board Committee list and Committee job descriptions

❏ Articles of Incorporation

❏ Bylaws

❏ Proof of Directors & Officers Insurance (D&O)

❏ Most recent Board meeting minutes (ideally the last 3 to 4 Board meetings) Section 3: Strategy

❏ Current or most recent Strategic Plan

Section 4: Finance

❏ Most recent Form 990

❏ Most recent audit