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Fireside Chat with Rob Acton and Brian Saber

Activate your full board in your fundraising efforts by leaning into the unique traits and personalities of your board members.
byBrian Saber, Rob ActonThis event has passed.
How do you become an effective fundraiser?

And beyond your board's give/get responsibilities, how do you activate the full board to participate and accomplish their goals?

Brian Saber joins Rob Acton for a deep-dive conversation to pull apart what is considered to be an uncomfortable role for many in the boardroom - asking for charitable gifts. Brian's goal: to make it easier for your full board to power up fundraising that advances your mission impact by playing into the personal strengths of your board members.

As good governance trainers, Rob Acton and Brian Saber center the conversation on best practices in nonprofit governance that impact the board's willingness to engage in the fundraising effort.

About Brian Saber:

Brian Saber has been working with boards for more than 35 years to help unlock their fundraising potential. He is the co-founder of Asking Matters, a comprehensive online resource on asking in the field, and is the author of three books on the topic. He also serves as a Governance Trainer and Consultant for Cause Strategy Partners.

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