Recruit Board Members Ready for High Impact Board Service

Recruit Board Members Ready For High-Impact Service

Recruiting nonprofit board members is a tough job. Recruiting high-performing board members ready to hit the ground running – even tougher. BoardLead can help.

Finding the right board members to lead your nonprofit organization is crucial for the success of your mission. Cause Strategy Partners understands the difficulties and the rewards of finding candidates that are ready to serve. It’s why we designed our board matching program, BoardLead, for nonprofits eager to develop and grow their board of directors with the right candidates.

Through BoardLead, we help nonprofits elevate and transform their leadership in the social good sector by partnering with corporations, professional services firms, and foundations to recruit, place, train, and support talented professionals. These candidates have a passion for your mission, keen intellect and skills, an understanding of good governance practices, and are ready to fundraise for your organization.

Thanks to the generous support of our corporate partners, nonprofit participation in BoardLead is 100% free.

The BoardLead Process

Complete Your Application

Our team will review your board development and recruitment needs. If selected to advance in the process, you will be asked to complete a full application.

Candidate Matching

Once we identify a match for you based on your needs and candidate fit, our team will facilitate an introduction with the candidate.

Vetting and Election

Once introduced, our team will check in with both you and the candidate to ensure that the process is moving smoothly, providing support along the way.

Ongoing Governance Training

Nonprofits and BoardLeaders gain access to training and resources to help prepare them for sucess from day one.

Since 2015, Cause Strategy Partners has placed and trained more than 2015 professionals and corporate executives and employees on the boards of more than 600 nonprofit organizations nationwide.  

Still have questions?

Visit our BoardLead Overview to learn more about our corporate partners, process, and stories of success.