Our Impact

We are driven by an unrelenting desire to connect talented professionals, businesses, and nonprofits in order to create ever-growing positive social impact.


Our North Star is to elevate and transform governance in the social good sector through the collective impact of our work.


BoardLeaders Elected

We were founded to help nonprofits overcome challenges to finding candidates that are ready to serve and be effective immediately. Our BoardLead program helps nonprofits develop and grow their board with talent they might not otherwise find. And we’re just getting started.


Corporate Partners

Our valued corporate partners underwrite BoardLead and nominate talented professionals for board matching. These partnerships are the foundation from which we are able to do our part in creating a more just, vibrant, and equitable world.


Nonprofits Served

Helping nonprofits succeed is at the heart of our mission. We are honored to work with some of the most effective and dynamic organizations in the social impact space and look forward to connecting with many more.


Election Rate

BoardLead is an investment in long term community leadership for corporate employees. 74% of BoardLeaders have been elected to a nonprofit board within six months of starting BoardLead. Once elected, they lead. After one year, 98% of BoardLeaders are still serving.


Annual Hours of Nonprofit Board Service

Because we match nonprofits with talented employees who are passionate about the causes they serve, elected board members tend to serve significantly more hours than their positions require.


Average Annual Fundraising

Our BoardLeaders have proven their value over the years by driving millions into the nonprofit sector through their giving and fundraising.


of Board Members In Leadership Positions Within 1 Year

We connect nonprofits with board candidates who are driven to succeed in the social impact space as much as they are motivated to succeed in business.


BoardLeaders who Identify as Professionals of Color

Through our services and our Board Service Fellowship, we're moving the needle on diversity and respresentation in the board room.

Impact Story

Finding Leaders to Power New Strategies

Located in the South Bronx, Step Up for Better Living increased its mission impact by recruiting new board members to lead their strategic initiatives.
Impact Story

A Leader in LGBTQ+ Healthcare

Carl Gaines shares on the meaning of his board service with Callen-Lorde, a New York City-based Community Health Center.
Impact Story

A Dance Company's Organizational Challenge

An organization discovered that the boardroom was a meaningful path to achieve meaningful growth and enhance its services.
Impact Story

Connecting Nonprofits to Corporate Resources

An Account Executive at Google jumpstarts new initiatives with a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring and educating girls through sports and academic programs.
Impact Story

Working to End Social Isolation for Middle School Students

Kerri Catalano highlights how a personal connection to a nonprofit's mission impact enhances her presence and leadership in the boardroom

When you start serving on a board, you become so much more aware and smarter about the possibilities around you and how to seize them... I truly believe the more I lean into this opportunity, the more I can get out of it.

Katarzyna BednarowiczBoardLeader, PowerPlay

I was SO impressed by my BoardLead experience—the team offered so much support and guidance as I approached my first ever Board position, which is something I had been dreaming about for awhile. The process was both rigorous and accessible—a perfect balance. The training and guidance provided is also extremely valuable for a first-time Board member. This placement was really life & career changing for me, and I couldn't be more grateful!

Laura HermanDesign Research & Strategy, Creative Cloud & Emerging Products, Adobe

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