Concierge Board Placement for Senior Executives

Connecting the world's leaders to their next board role.

Cause Strategy Partners’ Concierge Service is designed for senior leaders at top companies and professional services firms interested in securing a seat on the board of a nonprofit that resonates with their personal values and interests.

We identify strategic board opportunities that will not only be highly fulfilling, but also prove useful from a reputation-building and professional engagement perspective.

How It Works

Our customized, “white-glove” approach to nonprofit board placement centers the goals, passions, and skills of these leaders and aligns them with board opportunities.

Planning and Discovery

We work closely with our clients to understand the interests of both the company and the client executive to build a customized nonprofit recruitment strategy.

Nonprofit Vetting and Outreach

Leveraging our deep roots in the nonprofit sector, Cause Strategy Partners identifies strong organizations for consideration.  We pre-vet each organization, looking for compelling missions and programs, demonstrated impact, strong leadership, organizational and financial stability, and overall board gravitas. We present to our client six to eight organizations.

Introduction and Process Management

With a shortlist of preferred client organizations, we broker first meetings between our client and the nonprofit’s leadership. From the first introduction to the election, Cause Strategy Partners offers hands-on support to our client through each phase of the process.

Individualized Support

Once our client is elected to the Board of Directors, we remain on-call to serve as a resource at any time during their first year of board service.

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