Catapulting Our Mission Forward

Welcome to the Causie Movement. Over the next three years, we will scale the impact of our work to include 10,000+ BoardLeaders fully engaged with passion-aligned organizations who are transforming governance in the social good sector.


Our updated branding and bold new style are visual expressions of our evolution into the organization we’ve become. Paired with our new website, we have a powerful & delightful platform from which to propel change.

An Iconic Brand

Our new look reflects the spark we hope to inspire in professionals around the globe. Keeping “cause” at the center, it alludes to our role weaving together individuals, nonprofit organizations, and the corporate community in order to drive massive social impact.


Bold Aspirations

Disrupting mediocrity in governance is a job for everyone. We are expanding our programs and services to meet our nonprofit partners’ need for trained board candidates across skillset, industries, and experience level. Collectively, BoardLeaders will set a new standard of governance in the nonprofit sector and will set an example for fellow board members to follow.

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Our Leadership Perspective

We are the largest corporate partnership-based nonprofit board placement provider in the world. Dedicated to doing everything we can to strengthen nonprofit governance, we will share our data, experience, and insights broadly to strengthen the social good sector.

Our outcomes and the measurable impact of the board members we place solidifies our leadership. Today, we believe that we are well positioned to help drive the conversation forward.


Key Strategies

We intend to shape the future of nonprofit governance with a focus on elevating board service by making it more purposeful, impactful, and equitable. Our new website gives us a powerful platform to publish articles and stories that inspire discussion and action.

This strategy is designed to deepen an individual’s impact, strengthen nonprofit boardrooms, and motivate corporations to move the social good sector forward.  We believe positive transformation is possible for what it means to serve on a nonprofit board.

New thought leadership, articles, reports and learning opportunities will leverage our data and experience to set our partners up for success and growth.

We will continue to form partnerships with corporations, foundations, strategic partners, and nonprofit conveners aligned with our goals. Through a network of shared value in advancing board service, we will change the landscape of nonprofit board recruitment and leadership.

We are building a huge community of BoardLeaders who will have the opportunity to connect with, empower, and learn from one another. Governance training will continue to be integral to all of our programs and services. To partner with us is to co-commit to high governance expectations and the requisite learning to support them.

As the demand for our board placement, training, and support work grows, so too must the technology and employee team that powers it. Substantial investment in the BoardLead platform will ensure our team can serve partners and candidates consistent with our values.

Expand Beyond Place-Based Service

Over the upcoming years, we will expand our reach to serve nonprofit organizations, board candidates, and corporations across our geographic service area. Our BoardLead technology platform and programmatic processes will allow us to serve every professional, nonprofit, and company without regard to where they live, work, or operate.

See how we work for nonprofits, corporations, and board candidates, while offering valuable resources to our partners.


Grow Our Nonprofit Network

Our community of thousands of nonprofit partners will represent local, national, and global board service opportunities across the full spectrum of cause areas.


Advance our DEI Initiatives

We focus on developing candidate pools that are diverse with regard to race and ethnicity, disability status, gender, stage of career, professional skill set, industry, and other aspects of personal identity. We prioritize our efforts to train both our nonprofit partners and candidates to better center equity and inclusion in their board development and governance practices.

Build a Global Network

In response to inquiries from partners and would-be partners, we are laying the groundwork for a global network of board placement, training, and support services for social good organizations and companies beyond the United States and United Kingdom.

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