Our BoardLearn governance training platform grounds potential and existing board members in best practices for nonprofit board service through a self-paced online platform. Ensure that your employees' preparedness matches their passion for the cause they serve.


How it Works

New and existing board members build the governance foundation they need through highly-interactive online courses and modules; including fundraising, nonprofit finance, CEO oversight, advocacy, and more while maintaining a keen focus on how diversity, equity, and inclusion play a role in all aspects of board service.

Your leaders gain easy access to the core knowledge and skills they need to be successful in the boardroom.


BoardLearn Benefits

The BoardLearn platform places a nonprofit governance resource library at the fingertips of new and current board members.

Prioritize Readiness
BoardLearn gives professionals the resources they need to serve on nonprofit boards, become standout leaders, serve with integrity, and invest in their organization’s cause and mission.
Get Certified

Our foundational Good Governance Boot Camp course awards BoardLearn certification to potential and existing board members who complete the online training suite. Certification demonstrates a command of good governance subject matter and topics in the nonprofit sector.

Learn at Your Speed

We built BoardLearn to support a flexible and self-paced learning experience. Our sequential online module course can be completed at your own pace and revisited to reinforce core topics.

The Good Governance Boot Camp

The BoardLearn suite of training modules provides our corporate partners with a quick and easy-to-use resource for their employees interested in or serving on nonprofit boards.

  1. Welcome to BoardLearn: Let’s Get Started

  2. The Five Ingredients of an Effective Board

  3. Establishing Purpose and Setting Strategy

  4. Overcoming Fundraising Anxiety

  5. Ten Tips for Becoming a Great Board Fundraiser

  6. Selecting, Evaluating and Supporting the CEO

  7. Providing Financial Oversight

  8. Knowing Your Three Legal Duties

  9. Understanding Management vs Board Responsibilities

  10. Championing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  11. Serving as an Exceptional Board Member and Becoming a BoardLeader

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