3 Data-Driven Resources for Next-Gen Employee Volunteering

Volunteers prepping healthy food in a kitchen at Green Bronx Machine, a food-focused nonprofit in the Bronx

The data says it all – strong, purpose-centered employee volunteering programs are a huge benefit for any company. From board service to paid volunteering time, corporations are innovating on traditional volunteering methods and seeing the impact with heightened levels of employee engagement and strengthened ties to their communities. 

To kickoff Global Volunteer Month, we’ve showcased a few key reports and readings – some brand new and some tried and true – that lay out the business case and offer strategies for next-generation employee volunteering programs.

Volunteer Programs That Employees Can Get Excited About

By Jessica Rodel, Harvard Business Review. From the Magazine (January–February 2021)

In this article, Jessica Rodel digs into some pitfalls and best practices for the next generation of employee volunteering programs.

Why we love it: The future is all about prioritizing the meaning behind volunteering.  When employees tap into their personal passions – whether through board service or days of service – companies are likely to see happier, more engaged teammates. 

For a comprehensive breakdown of the business case for investing in Corporate Volunteering, visit this multi-part blog series from Realized Worth.

Why we love it: This series is packed full of links to studies and data points, helping to build a qualitative view of volunteering for for-profit organizations. A clear throughline is established from employee engagement to talent and leadership development.

Value Volunteering

From CECP, released March 9, 2021

CECP is the gold standard for CSR data insights. That’s why we were so excited to see their recent release, Value Volunteering, hit our desk. In this article, the Service For Impact group focuses on making the new case for corporate volunteering.

Why we love it: This report has broad appeal for CSR teams – from plentiful case studies to toolkits for program design. The team even provides a section on new best practices for impact measurement in volunteering

CECP Value Volunteering Report Cover Image
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