“Can you imagine the impact if every talented professional joined a cause at the heart of their passion? Can you imagine the tsunami that would result if each individual approached their social mission with the same zeal they deliver at home and work? It would be game-changing. In truth, we don’t have to imagine. It’s within reach.”
- Rob Acton, Principal & Founder

Board Placement

We partner with foundations & corporations to place diverse, talented, trained and supported professionals on nonprofit boards. BoardLead is our signature board recruitment, placement, training & support program.

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Corporate Social Responsibility & Corporate Foundations

We provide strategic consulting to CSR teams & corporate foundations, helping them maximize their business & community impact.

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Board Governance

We help social good organizations optimize board performance through customized engagements designed to diagnose the root problem, develop an informed action plan & deliver solutions.

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Board-CEO Coaching

We help nonprofit boards develop into fully-engaged governing bodies, working in powerful collaboration with the chief executive.


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Our Consultants



BoardLeaders Talk Tips for High-Impact Nonprofit Board Service

Posted by Erin Connell

By Erin Connell, Consultant at Cause Strategy Partners, LLC Our BoardLeaders have proven their capabilities and drive in sheer numbers, with 56 BoardLeaders serving as high-impact nonprofit board members on 120 boards in New York and Chicago. As we prepare to launch our next round of BoardLead in both cities, our team wondered: what qualitative […]

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BoardLeader Spotlight | Katarzyna Bednarowicz, NYC Spring 2016 Cohort

Posted by Jessica Riegel

By Jessica Riegel, Associate at Cause Strategy Partners, LLC Cause Strategy Partners is thrilled to launch BoardLeader Spotlight, where we highlight the incredible work our BoardLeaders are doing with our nonprofit partners.  BoardLead strengthens social good organizations by recruiting, placing, training and supporting talented professionals from top companies for high-impact board service. Meet BoardLeader Katarzyna Bednarowicz […]

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